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Major Car Manufacturer Recalls In 2020 & What’s In It For You?


You are more prone to getting injured while driving than you are when you choose to stay back. Since the second option is out of the question, you must be careful every time you hit the road.

St. Louis has maintained an unfortunate record of being one of the worst states for driving for the last many years. If you stay here or visit St. Louis quite often, you need to know what makes the city so dangerous for driving a car. Apart from irresponsible behavior from drivers, drunk driving, and overspending, another major issue that plays a vital role in accidents is manufacturing defects. For strange reasons, people don’t talk about it much.

Usually, a personal injury law firm like can help you with filing a lawsuit in case you get injured in a car accident due to someone else’s mistake. But what if your car is the culprit and puts your life in danger?

In such a case, you can file a lawsuit against the car manufacturer and prove them guilty in the courtroom. Ford and others have had to pay millions of dollars in compensation in the past. To avoid this scenario, many leading automakers in the United States recalled their cars in 2020. Keep on reading to know more about it.

Car Manufacturer Recalls In 2020:

Last year, many leading car companies like Ford, BMW, Hyundai, etc. launched electric cars. Unfortunately, they had to recall their electric vehicles due to a potential fire risk. The Hyundai Kona is a well-known name in the US auto market. It started getting hundreds of complaints from customers about its battery suddenly bursting into flames. When the probe started, Hyundai Kona had to recall thousands of electric vehicles sold across the nation.

Another major manufacturer recall in 2020 was by Tesla. It had to recall Tesla Motor Y, which had a brake light problem. Although Tesla engineers fixed the problem through a software update, some users may still have to get their vehicle to a nearby service center. Ford also had to recall over 600,000 car models, including F-150, Escape, Escape, and Mustang due to a problem in the rear-view camera.