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Are You Making These Hair Mistakes While Serving Celebrity Clients?

line Are You Making These Hair Mistakes While Serving Celebrity Clients?

Celebrities all across the globe invest a lot of money and effort to look good publicly. A large portion of this investment goes into their hairstyle treatments. From using some of the most expensive products to hiring the best hairstylists, they leave no stone unturned to make their hair look great. 

Despite putting in all these efforts, sometimes celebrities experience hair loss. Here are some of the mistakes committed by their stylists that play a vital part in it.

As a hairstylist, never recommend your clients to use box dye. At times, they might call you after your store is closed, asking for a quick hair dye recommendation. In such a case, you must never recommend something that you wouldn’t use on your hair. 

Usually, the more the quantity of developer in a box dye, the higher is the risk associated with using it. Since there is no way you can know the exact volume of the developer unless you have used it yourself, it’s quite risky for your clients’ hair. So, avoid giving them recommendations, just like that. 

Another mistake many hairstylists make is bleaching hair or using harsh chemicals on hair. If you bleached your clients’ hair recently and lightened them, it’s not recommended to overlap it. Doing so will not only damage hair follicles but also leave harsh effects on the scalp area. 

Many other mistakes often go unnoticed and only get everyone’s attention once it’s too late. One of the primary reasons behind it is the lack of awareness. 
Current hairstyling trends are continually changing. Unless you update yourself accordingly, there is no way you can serve your clients efficiently. The best solution in this scenario is to enroll for Dermagrafix training and learn the newest and safest ways to style your clients’ hair.